Birmingham crane hire: 2015 success story

In talking about Birmingham crane hire services, we have come to know that lots of people are satisfied with the respected companies. The reputable and established crane hire businesses are known for their trust, quality of services and awesome customer support.

One of these renowned companies is maxim lifting services, and it is the preferred choice for many people over the years. Below are two success stories of 2015:

1. One of maxim lifting services was Sheffield University, that had hired maxim lifting services Leo 36 T to clean the interior windows of their large campus atrium. The Leo36 T climbed steps and went through the double doorway to gain access to the narrow area where all windows eventually got cleaned. In this way, the client was able to save a significant amount of money as well.

2. Another one of maxim lifting services recent clients was Prince Quay Shopping Centre, Hull. The crane was used for the structural testing procedures on the roof of the center before the decorations were hung. The platform was able to access the complex through a ramp and passed inside the double doorway without even damaging any surfaces while in transport or elevation. This was made possible because the crane had an amazing low bearing pressure to the weight distribution.

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